How to list references on a resume

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I read somewhere that you need to specify no more than three words. I personally do not read it at all, and even more so on this principle I do not choose a person for an interview. 
Naturally you are active, sociable and quickly learn new things. This is your vital need. You have 60 competitors for 1 Junior job in a normal company. How to send? Well, you’ve already finished and saved your charm. Next you need to find a job and send a resume. 

If the company has a vacancy you need carefully read its requirements and thereby show respect for the company and recruiters with whom you will have to come across more than once in your career. 
There were cases when I wrote in bold type the phrase: “Attention! This post needs a person with spoken English! There will be several interviews with the customer. Send your resume only if you can communicate in English by voice. Still, 85% of those who sent resumes are “average”. I call on the phone, in the hope that this is the “average”, which is actually spoken, but no. It turned out that this is the “average”, which “I write letters from Google translate.” 
I guess the candidate thought I would say: “There is no English, but how persistent. Hire a translator! Sending an offer. 

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If you nevertheless decided to send your resume to “what if”, be sure to write in the cover letter that you have read the job description, indicate what knowledge is missing from the list of requirements and that you will be happy to consider other vacancies that are suitable for you. 
In the subject line of the letter it is better to write the position for which you are applying, and not just “CV”. 

If you decide to make a “newsletter” for all companies, then it is better not to. And if you do, then not so: Articles: How to get a first job in IT? Recommendations for resume writing. 
The candidate, of course, was remembered (even after 4 months I was able to find his letter in the mail), but not as he had planned. Write each company a separate letter, get acquainted with the site, vacancies. If your job is not there write in the cover letter that you see that there is no job, and just want to keep in touch for the future. Add recruiters of the companies you like to Skype, communicate, meet, go to conferences, do your projects and the first job will not take long to wait.