How to make a resume for first job

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Portfolio design (if a vacancy is required) If a job requires a portfolio or sample code, it is better to do this with the help of specialized sites. For developers, this is GitHub, a link to which you can simply add to your resume and thereby show that you are better than those 98% Junior candidates who do not know what GitHub is. For designers Dribbble, Behance or just a folder on Google’s disk with pictures and access “For everyone who has a link.” I am sure that there are 1000 ways to make a person see a dozen pictures by simply clicking on something. The worst thing designers can do is a portfolio in the archive. Worse, this is only if, after opening the archive, there are a dozen folders inside. There are several more in each folder, and in each of them there is one picture. Articles: How to get a first job in IT? Recommendations for resume writing.

To be honest, for 5 years of work in recruiting, there has not yet been a case that we invited someone to an interview just because the photo in the resume was very beautiful. I do not think that it is necessary for IT specialties. Perhaps this is necessary for the hostes job, the administrator at the reception, the waiter, where “Attractive appearance” is indicated in the requirements. If you nevertheless decided that without a photo there is no way at all then choose a photo in high quality, where you are alone and smile. The maximum area that the photo can occupy is 5 by 7 cm. Not a separate page in the summary (this also happened). In the TOP of the most incomprehensible data for me in the summary gets the home address. Seriously, why? In second place the place of birth. It also remains a mystery why in the block with contact information indicate the marital status. The recruiter, apparently, should at the sight of “married” exclaim: “LLC! Finally! Tired of these bachelors! and run to include resume Tim-Lida.

Data on the family is better to transfer to the “Additional Information” section. Articles: How to get a first job in IT? Recommendations for resume writing. Also pay attention to your email and how you are recorded in Skype. Curiosities with this occurs enough. And since you are already big and are looking for a job, it’s time to start mail with the domain Some recruiters pay attention to this. It is better to just write the name of the post. It happens that they write: “My goal is to get a position in a good Company and work in a friendly team where I can grow professionally”. This is a matter of course. This is the same as writing: “My goal is to work at work and earn money.” I am also amused by the candidates who indicate in the “Target” section all the positions that they know: “Programmer, HR manager, administrator in the hotel, cook, dragonfly collector, engineer”. Also, it should not be in the “Goals” to write the desired salary. It is generally not worth writing anywhere except chatting with a recruiter. Resumes are sent to managers technicians guys from the future team who will conduct interviews. In all companies, there is an NDA, according to which the salary between employees is not discussed, and here you are right in the most visible place with your amount.