How to write a cover letter for a resume

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If you have experience in several small projects, it is better to combine them under the common place of work Freelance, and write down below about these projects, the technologies that you used. If you already have the necessary experience, it is better to arrange it like this:

Articles: How to get a first job in IT? Recommendations for resume writing. Key: the period of work (you can count and write the term in parentheses), the Company (you can add the company website), the cohort, lower duties and technologies. If there are links to projects or to GitHub wonderful. Feel free to insert. Languages Probably, I will not reveal the secret, saying that if you have an English level below Intermediate, then the chances of finding a normal job tend to zero. 8 out of 10 vacancies that you find will be in outsourcing companies. What is an outsourcing? Outsourcing is foreign customers who participate in the selection, interviews in English, meetings with overseas colleagues.

Even if you find a company where English is not needed, then (other things being equal) will choose a candidate who knows him. How to describe your language skills? Use the common gradations Beginner (Basic), Elective, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced. NEVER write the word “average”. Never! Do you think “average” “Intermediate”? Not. The average for everyone means their own. Someone lived a year in the United States, freely speaks and indicates “average”, someone translates with a dictionary and also writes “average”. It is not joke.

Articles: How to get a first job in IT? Recommendations for resume writing. If you have already written “medium”, and now your finger is above the “d” key, remember the picture with Lisa. This is me reading your resume. Add the specification in parentheses already then (“I can be interviewed in this language”, “I only read”, “I am writing with a dictionary”, “I work as a translator at a marriage agency”). Knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian, you can not indicate if you respond to vacancies in Ukraine. This is a matter of course.