How to write an objective for a resume

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Recommendations for the technical design of a resume for a potential immigrant in the UAE Be sure to make a fresh photo: this, firstly, may affect the first impression, secondly, it will help the employer to find out the applicant at the meeting. Of course, it is better to apply a photo that would create a pleasant impression, especially if the applicant is planning to get involved in the services sector. And regardless of the sphere, a dull, shallow and slurred photo of the form “and this is me in the tenth grade in the fifth row, sixth from the left,” is unlikely to create the right impression. Moreover, you can even make a video presentation of yourself, a loved one, for a resume. Such summaries were very popular in the past 2015 and created a good practice of their application. Although not everyone is friends with the camera, but if you set a goal and practice a little, you can make an excellent video that can sometimes tell a potential employer even more than the “text version” of the resume.

All file names sent to the employer must contain the name and surname of the applicant, and not just a faceless set of numbers or letters. For example, “petr_ivanov.pdf”, and not “ih6ja7.pdf”. No one will sit and waste time trying to figure out which of the files belongs to which of the applicants, and rename them for clarity. The e-mail address must also have a certain meaning, while being sufficiently “civilized” and not shock the potential employer or recruit. An address like is unlikely to create a desire for the recipient to open a letter sent from him. It is always necessary to indicate the subject of the letter, preferably, by entering there either keywords from a vacancy or specifying for which particular vacancy this letter is sent. Every organization receives a considerable number of emails every day and has an anti-spam filter. If there is no desire to “get lost” in the “spam” folder, then you cannot ignore the subject of the letter when sending it. Fonts and design.

Of course, the faceless “wrapper” of the text without paragraphs and subparagraphs, and even typed “to save electronic paper” as the tenth pin, will cause the one who found it necessary to open the letter, only one desire: to close it immediately back. But the text in which the lines of text compete in a variety of fonts of all colors and sizes, as well as possessing unsurpassed “FACE ACCESS”, will not create a positive impression on a potential employer. Spelling errors in the resume not the best way to prove yourself. And it’s easy to check the summary text for such errors using existing online tools. Creative approach is great, but some of the framework adopted in the framework of business turnover in official communication with strangers should be respected.

The use of memes and lulz popular on the Internet in resumes is unacceptable, unless the applicant prepares resumes for a vacancy of an animator, a clown or some very “specifically creative” one. In addition, the culture (including Internet culture) in the UAE is different than in Russia. Jokes and comments that are understandable to any Russian person will most likely be incomprehensible to an employer in the Emirates, and can create a negative impression. It is also worth refraining from using text versions of emoticons in any kind and combination in the text: although the notorious “brackets” instead of the emoticon have long become the “calling card” of Russian-speaking users of the network and are even used in articles on various Internet portals, using them in the summary can do a disservice.