What is a evresume

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Summary structure:  1. Personal information The surname, name, patronymic of the candidate is filled with capital letters in the nominative case. Information to contact you. Pointing phones, do not forget to make notes: work home cell. It is also advisable to specify the time when it is more convenient for you to communicate. If you have access to other means of communication e-mail, ICQ, etc. also enter them. Be available for communication, do not let a good offer pass by you due to the impossibility of timely contact with you. 2. Qualification Try as briefly as possible (2-3 sentences) and specifically formulate information about yourself as a specialist. Make it clear to the employer or recruiter on this item who they are dealing with. 3. Purpose Try to clearly and correctly formulate the purpose of the resume, i.e. what position would you like to get?

 Statements like “Getting an interesting, well-paid job” are not allowed. Here you should write on what specific vacancy (position) and in what activities (business) you are applying. You can also indicate your wishes, requirements for the future place of work. 4. Education List educational institutions, schools, courses, institutes, etc. that you have already completed or where you continue to study. Use or reverse chronological order, i.e. indicate the last place of study first, or the principle of significance, i.e. Indicate first the place of study, the most significant for the desired work. For each place of study, provide the following information: the period of study with the exact (month, year) indicating the dates of commencement and completion of studies; place of study (if the name of the institution does not follow its location, indicate the city, country); the qualification you received, specialty, title. List only those places of study that are important for the job you are looking for.

5. Work experience Use the reverse chronological order, i.e. Last place of work specify the first. In this case, the dates are indicated only in Arabic. For example, 6.1995 11.1998, or 12.1998 by now. In the “Experience” section, you can find: company name, national identity, business profile, your position. In paragraph: “List of responsibilities” provides a detailed description of the functions performed. The clause: “Number of subordinates” indicates their number and positions held. Information about the “results of activity” should contain fairly specific information, for example: “increased sales from 50 to 70 thousand dollars a month; expanded the sales network from 17 to 34 points; reduced the cost of advertising by 7% while increasing the number of consumers etc. After each job you should briefly indicate the actual motive for dismissal, avoiding common language. Those. not “own desire”, but the true reasons that prompted the candidate to quit. If the candidate is currently working, then you must specify the motive for finding a new job. List only those jobs that are important to the job you are looking for. Do not leave spaces in busy dates. Otherwise, the employer has questions regarding the “empty” (non-working) time. Phrases must be clearly defined. The optimal form is in the form of a list, since such a form is more easily perceived. Highlight key points. The figures presented in the summary, the names of well-known products and companies with which you have worked are important.

6. Additional information In the Foreign languages ​​section it is advisable to indicate not only the level of proficiency in the language, but also where and for how long you studied it. It is recommended to use the following terms: Basic formal proficiency in a university or other non-language educational institution. Worker means that the candidate can communicate in a foreign language, read and translate special literature, including with a dictionary, work with documentation in the language. Free implies fluency in a foreign language.